Guardianship Services

  1. Guardian of Person and Estate/ Full or Limited
    This position is appointed by the family courts in King and Pierce County. If the individual is incapable of making essential decisions related to the personal and medical issues the courts can proceed to note the individual is incapacitated. At this time the court will legally appoint a guardian. If there is no family or friends appropriate to take this position a professional can be recommended. (Hourly professional fees)
  2. Durable Power of Attorney
    This is a legal document where one person appoints another to act as his or her “agent”. This is intended to be permanent and will continue even in the case of incapacity. In the situation there is no trusted friend or family member available a professional can be appointed.(Care Manager will work with value statement to ensure beliefs are noted) (Hourly professional fees)
  3. Executor of Estate
    In the event an individual has no one to carry out the terms of their will an individual may need to be assigned. The responsibilities will be noted by the Will. (Hourly professional fees)
  4. Standby Guardian
    This is a position required by the courts when a guardianship is set up. The standby guardian will assist in the event the primary guardian is unable to complete their duties. (one time flat rate $200)
  5. Trustee
    An individual or “Third Party” that carries out the wishes of the person creating the trust. This company does small Trust Funds (Professional management fees for services.)
  6. Representative Payee/ VA or Personal
    Court ordered to manage the Social Security benefits of the incapacitated person.

    Department of Veterans Affairs benefit checks management. Noted as a professional who can manage or administer funds. (Professional fees guided by VA payment standards)


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