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Medicaid Program: Consultation Services

The Medicaid program in the State of Washington is a government health insurance program available to people with very limited income and resources. Medicaid can pay for care services in the home, residential care facilities or adult family homes. Those who reside in nursing home facilities are also eligible for payment of their care costs. Our care managers will provide up to date information on the current status of these locations and their admitting policies. Eligibility for this program is related to financial and functional needs. To receive benefits from this program an application must be submitted at your local HCS (Home and Community Services) office. Although there is assistance at the HCS office many of those who are completing the application are adult children with limited time. Our care managers are very experienced with the application process and can provide important information as to how to avoid delays and get the best results the first time.

Aid and Attendance Veterans Program: Our Care Managers are qualified consultants to provide advice for a successful award

This Pension benefit from the VA is available to those who have served in the active duty military, at least 90 days during a period of war. They must have had an honorable discharge and be age 65 or older. There is no requirement for disability. Single surviving spouses of veterans are also eligible. The aid and attendance program provides caregiver assistance for those who are considered “housebound”. This would include at home or in an assisted living environment or nursing home.

As a consultant we offer advice and constructive help prior to filing a claim. Our care managers will help educate families on the information required as well as provide guidance on the VA asset test. Our care manager’s goal is to ensure financial and functional criteria are met.

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